At the beginning of 2015, our founder and President, D. Peter K. B. St. Jean, began contacting Dominica nations in the Chicagoland area to know if they were interested in forming a Dominica Association in the area for the purpose of being mobilized to help contribute to improved quality of life among Dominica nationals, their families, friends, and supporters at home, in the Chicagoland area, and beyond.  His initial contacts with Augustin Durand, Ester Jno Lewis, George Daway,  Talipha Charles, and Trevor John-Charles, provided the sort of enthusiasm that he thought was sufficient to form such an organization.

On May 5th 2015, The Peaceful World Movement, a non-profit that Dr. St. Jean also founded and heads, purchased the commercial property at 11451 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 60628. Dr. St. Jean thought that this  was a perfect opportunity to further mobilize Dominica nationals in the Chicagoland area to invite them to make arrangements to have the building serve as their headquarters, and to help the Peaceful World Movement to make the building useful and meaningful for persons in the Chicagoland area.

Then came August 27th 2015.

On that date, Tropical Storm Erika caused the largest damage that Dominica had experienced since Hurricane David in 1979.  The severe loss of life, injuries, damage to property, and disruptions of livelihoods affected virtually every Dominica national, at home, and abroad; to various degrees.  At immediate news of the Storm damages, Dr. St. Jean reached out for guidance from Dominica's Director of Disapora Affairs,  Ms. Athenia Benjamin who later appointed various Disaster Relief Coordinators which included Dr. St.  Jean for the Chicagoland area, and Mr. Alex  Bruno for South Florida. Ms. Benjamin, Mr. Bruno, and Dr. St. Jean are also board members of the Peaceful World Movement and supported the use of their building at 11451 S. Michigan Ave  as the Chicagoland relief headquarters. 

Dr. St. Jean then contacted the  small group of interested Dominica nationals mentioned above to mobilize relief efforts, and to fast forward the registration of the proposed non-profit organization. During a telephone conference meeting on September 2nd 2015, Dr. St. Jean suggested naming the organization the Dominica Association of Chicagoland, and others agreed.  He volunteered to serve as initial President and Vice Treasurer, and asked for additional volunteers who stepped forward accordingly: George Daway as Vice President; Talipha Charles as Secretary;   Randy Fagan as Treasurer; Trevor John Charles as Vice PRO. Later, Ester Jno Lewis and Charlesworth Samuel agreed to serve as Assistant Secretary, and PRO, respectively.

That same evening, Dr. St. Jean drew up initial incorporation papers for the Association, obtained feedback from the newly formed board of directors, and the following day, he went to downtown Chicago to perform expedited registration of the Association. 

On September 3th 2015, the Dominica Association of Chicagoland became formally registered as a non-profit organization in Illinois.

Since that date, our activities have primarily been organizing Dominica relief efforts, and we have been receiving great support from non-board members, friends, and supporters. As our journey continues, we will continue to provide updates.


To see improvements in the quality of life of Dominica nationals at home and abroad. 


To collaborate with Dominica nationals and others in the Chicagoland area and beyond, to help improve the quality of life of Dominica nationals at home and abroad. 


The Dominica Association of Chicagoland is a non-profit organization registered  in the State of Illinois and headquartered at Our Peace Palace, located at  11451 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL 60628. To realize our vision and mission, we are registered with the following purposes:

1. To function as a Charitable Organization, in compliance with the IRS rules for Non-Profit organizations, with the first emergency task of assisting with the recovery and stability of Dominica, through Disaster Relief efforts, after the August 27th 2015 devastation of Dominica caused by Tropical Storm Erika.

2. To engage in the planning and execution of other events and activities aimed at improving the quality of life of nationals of the Commonwealth of Dominica, their loved ones, friends, and acquaintances, at home, and abroad. 

3. To collaborate with friends and supporters of Dominica, primarily in the Chicagoland area, but also in other locations in the United States of America, and elsewhere.

4. To engage in the planning and execution of events and activities aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens in our host communities in the Chicagoland area, and beyond.

5. To promote the culture and heritage of the Commonwealth of Dominica through specific activities that educate and entertain the public in the Chicagoland area, and beyond.

6. To engage in activities that promote and generate improvements employment, educational attainment, career attainment, violence reduction, peace development, and other aspects of quality of life in the Chicagoland area, and otherwise with reference to Dominica people, and beyond.

4. To engage in various fundraising activities to fulfill our purposes.