A video photography of A GIS employee's video work from Castle Comfort to Office of the Financial Centre, Roseau, Dominica September 19th 2017, one day after hurricane Maria ravished Dominica.  Name of journalist not known at time of posting. The video of reference is above entitled, "A walk from Castle Comfort to Roseau the day after Maria. Special thanks the journalist who did the great video work. 

To collaborate with Dominica nationals and others in the Chicagoland area and beyond,
to help improve the quality of life of Dominica nationals at home and abroad. 


The Dominica Association of Chicagoland thanks everyone for their donations and support of our efforts to help our nation continue building  our lives after the devastations of Hurricane Maria. Your donations have allowed us to ship a container of 20 feet to Dominica, and the items have reached the needy. Through Gloria Walsh of Love One Teach One Foundation in Dominica, we were also able to make some cash donations directly in the hands of many families with young children involved with our Better Me, Better You program, and others in great need. 

The cash donations went so well to help people purchase needed medication, help with school supplies, fees, and otherwise that we are asking for your assistance to provide more direct cash assistance to some more of those in need.

In that regard, during January 1st to the 12th of 2018, our President,

Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean, will be on the ground in Dominica conducting house to house visits especially to the underserved elderly and families with young children. He will lend listening ears, providing hope and encouragement as needed, and teach life rebuilding techniques developed through his Peaceology framework. In addition, with your help, we want our team to provide direct cash and/or supply assistance to those in great need but are mainly underserved, as we encounter them through these house-to-house visits. We understand that great needs are still plentiful, and we want to help with some of the most difficult, little known, and hard to reach circumstances. 

 Please press the DONATE button to make your contribution. Thank you in advance. You can also use our contact page to submit names of any highly vulnerable persons, youth, or families that you believe need our special attention during this outreach. 

We are thankful for and applaud all of the governmental and other efforts that have assisted in this recovery process, and we are happy to participate. Thank you once again, and we look forward to your continued support.  

In the wake of the severe devastations of Hurricane Maria on Dominica, the Dominica nationals, their friends, and supporters in the Chicagoland area, in association with Dominica Association of Chicagoland, the Peaceful World Movement, and the Urban Peace Lab and University Ministries are North Park University, have organized, "CHICAGO RELIEF JAM FOR DOMINICA TO RISE AGAIN." As the flyer indicates, the event on is on Friday September 29th 2017 from 6-11-pm at Hamming Hall, 3225 W. Foster Ave., North Park University, Chicago. We look forward to your support as you enjoy great music by Dominica artists and their friends. Please support at the cause. All proceeds to to Dominica's recovery from Hurricane Maria. 

Building a better future

Photos from TS Erika's devastation of Dominica  in 2015

Dominica Association of Chicagoland

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​Four our 2019 celebration of Dominica's 41 Anniversary of Independence, the executive and other members of the Dominica Association of Chicagoland have agreed to donate all of the proceeds from our 2019 Independence Weekend activities to Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts for The Bahamas. Please support this event by attending our concert at Wild Hare in Chicago on November 1st, and our Creole Brunch on November 3rd at North Park University. Tickets for our brunch can be purchased by clicking the "buy now" button above on this website, or below. 


President and Founder: Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean

Vice President: George Daway

Secretary: Vacant

Assistant Secretary: Ester Jno Lewis

Treasurer: Randy Fagan

Ast. Treasurer: Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean

PRO: Charlesworth James

Ast.  PRP: Trevor John Charles

Ast. PRO: Al Charles